Mounting systems for ground-mounted systems

Mounting systems for ground-mounted systems

There is not only one solution. But only one best one.

Many advantages speak for our photovoltaic mounting system: It is statically optimized and tested, simple in its design, inexpensive and easy to install. Our system is suitable for crystalline modules with frames, for thin-film glass modules as well as for full-size modules with glued-on backrails. Thus, PohlCon Solar delivers a mounting system that complies with the DIN 1055 standard as well as the Eurocodes - statically optimized for single-, double- or multi-row module layers. We manufacture the parts for our substructures in our own factories. Our support profiles, cross and longitudinal beams, diagonal stiffeners and connecting parts are made of galvanized steel and have a durability of 10 to 25 years.




    Mounting systems for ground-mounted systems

    Our support systems are suitable for all crystalline and thin-film modules.

    Photovoltaic systems on roofs or open fields are continuously exposed to damaging weather and environmental influences. That is why extensive specifications must be observed and protective measures taken right from the start. We ensure all this through constant control, certification and continuous development:

    • Our mounting system for photovoltaic systems is certified according to TÜV Spec. TZE/2.572.11 tested and certified.
    • Our plants and subsidiaries are certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001
    • Our solutions meet the requirements of the Eurocodes and their local annexes
    • We test our products on our own test rigs

    No matter how large or complex your project, we offer you the right assembly solution: structurally sound and verifiably tested

    • Security for your project
    • Extensive know-how and decades of experience
    • Certified solutions through a multitude of projects of all sizes
    • Requirement-specific engineering services
    • Software-supported dimensioning
    • Production of all necessary components even at short notice
    • Delivery of large quantities of materials
    • Assembly of complex systems
    • Experienced project management and own site managers

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