Other photovoltaic mounting systems

Other photovoltaic mounting systems Carport and roof systems

Further PohlCon Solar solutions

Our company has been one of the most successful German suppliers of PV mounting systems on the ground-mounted market for many years. However, our C and U profiles made of high-alloy steels with the characteristic rows of holes have not only been used "in the field" over the years. In fact, we have been able to realize a number of projects in the field of large flat roof and carport systems: From pure sun protection on Malta to a complete set on the employee or visitor parking lot of one of the most renowned, complete German solar suppliers; from roof systems on large warehouses and refrigerated warehouses to logistics centers and furniture stores. We are happy to work out individual solutions for you.

Due to our industrial orientation, however, we ask for your understanding that we can only fulfill your wishes from certain minimum purchase quantities. Therefore, we are not able to process inquiries regarding individual carports or fastening systems for pitched roofs. Currently, our minimum purchase quantities are 50 car parking spaces in the carport area and 500 kWp in the flat roof area.

Carport systems

Two-support system: The cost-efficient solution with two vertical supports that are additionally braced by a diagonal strut combines the assembly advantages of our two-support frames with the requirements of modern carports in a simple way. The substructure with the PV modules mounted on it protects vehicles and people from sunlight, rain, snow and other weather conditions. At the same time, our systems offer plenty of room to move when getting in and out or loading and unloading vehicles.

Single-support system: The further developed single-support system of our carports also offers application possibilities for representation areas with increased requirements due to an optimized design. In addition, the space for entering and exiting the carport has been significantly increased to meet even the most demanding requirements. The distance between two supports can also be individually extended to up to three parking pockets.

For both variants, additional fastening elements for charging stations for electric vehicles can be installed. The installation of photovoltaic modules is flexible and possible on both variants, regardless of type. However, we are also happy to offer you our systems as pure weather protection without mounting options for PV modules.

Roof systems

Incorrectly installed support systems can cause damage to the sensitive roof cladding. The result is moisture damage inside the building as well. In order to optimally protect the roof cladding, the mounting racks we install are always placed on weather-resistant building protection mats.

The triangular constructions pre-assembled on the ground can simply be placed on the building protection mats at the statically optimal distance. Special connecting brackets link the profiles together. In the process, the longitudinal beams and the wind bracings installed on the back give the tables the statically calculated strength. In the final step, all modules are mounted directly onto the longitudinal beams using the approved module clamps. The fastening points on the longitudinal beams are either flexibly selectable or already pre-punched.

The roof fastening always depends on the existing roof structure: The fastening on foil roofs is done by weighting. Appropriate clamps are used for sheet metal roofs.

For our solar panel mounts, which are only used outdoors, PohlCon Solar exclusively offers steel parts galvanized according to the dipping process according to DIN EN ISO 1461.

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