Perfection through calculation. And through maximum efficiency.

Perfection through calculation. And through maximum efficiency.

Dimensioning and statics

With PohlCon Solar, you not only gain an experienced and accomplished company as a partner - but also the certainty that you have chosen a statically tested and economically optimized mounting system.

One software for a wide range of variants - and perfect solutions

In addition to our experience, digital know-how at PohlCon Solar also provides the static proof for all substructures. Because with our own software, we dimension all relevant characteristic values with regard to the specifications of DIN 1055, the Eurocodes, DIN 18800 and our own wind load tests.

The advantage over conventional calculation methods

In just four steps, our engineers obtain the results for the best possible construction path with minimal material and assembly input. Regional wind and snow load characteristics are also taken into account in the calculations, so that the structural analysis can also be applied to other Euro regions.

1st step: Project data determination and input
2nd step: Determination of the geographical location
3rd step: Selection of modules and module arrangement
4th step: Selection of the frame variant

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