Three-support system

Three-support system East-West orientation

Three-support system

Orienting the modules to the east and west can make economic sense if the following applies to the planned photovoltaic system:

  • North-south oriented systems can shade each other and must therefore be installed with sometimes quite large row spacing. This effect does not occur with an east-west arrangement: The row spacing can be reduced. The installed capacity thus increases significantly.
  • Energy is also to be generated in the morning and evening hours. Especially for self-consumption or activities that are linked to the time of day, the east-west orientation can therefore be advantageous.

We offer suitable systems for this purpose. If possible, we offer a cost-saving three-support system. With this solution, the number of supports and associated pile driving can be reduced by 25% compared to a two-support system. With a normally pile-rammed floor and east-west orientation, the three-column system is the most cost-effective option. PohlCon Solar has already mastered the upscale logistical challenges of installing such a system in many projects and is happy to provide its installation teams.

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